Cantonese Style Ban Mian Bian Rou Recipe – Noodle Soup With Vegetable Dumplings

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Cantonese Style Ban Mian Bian Rou is a comforting soup made from simple ingredients. The dumpling is made from finely chopped mushrooms and broccoli tossed up with sauces, it is then stuffed in a thin wonton wrapper which is folded delicately and dropped into the flavor-packed soup. 

Traditionally, the wonton is stuffed with minced meat and the clear soup is then garnished with green leaves such as bok choy or spinach. This recipe is made with the locally available vegetables.

Serve your hot Cantonese Style Ban Mien Bian Ruo for a scrumptious lunch meal along with Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles Recipe on a weekend night. 

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