Gingerbread Village Cake

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This Gingerbread Village Cake is not so much of a new recipe as it is a new cake decorating project!

It’s the decor not exactly the cake that is the star of the show today!

So bake up your favorite cake and the filling you love the most and let’s get started!

Of course I went with Chocolate Cake because, umm Chocolate!

Keeping it simple with vanilla buttercream for the filling and icing

In order to decorate a cake of this caliber you will have to plan a little bit ahead.

But you do not need a single special tool except for gingerbread cookie cutters!

The gingerbread village is something you can get started on a more than a week ahead of time!

My recipe for gingerbread dough is the best for cut outs and houses

And the royal icing to decorate each window and snow capped roof is the best around!

Fresh cut rosemary for the trees and candied cranberries make another appearance!

The ice skating lake is a simple agar concoction and is totally optional!

But how adorable?

So put on your favorite holiday music and soon you will have a Gingerbread Village Cake complete with icy pond!


Gingerbread Village Cake
Prep time
4 hours
Bake time
30 mins
Total time
4 hours 30 mins
To make the exact cake as I have here you will need 3-7″ cake pans plus 1-4″ cake pan NOTE: You will have more than enough of the agar solution to make the pond, but this is just like a Vegan Jell-O recipe so pour the excess into a bowl to set & have a snack!
Serves: serves 12-15ppl

1 Recipe Chocolate Cake OR 1 Box Hack Recipe 1 Recipe Best Vegan Buttercream 1 Recipe Candied Cranberries ~ instructions & recipe here Fresh Rosemary Sprigs as needed For the Agar Pond: Agar Powder ¼ Granulated Sugar ¼ cup (50g) Water 1 cup (237ml) Food color as needed *I used blue & yellow to make a greenish pond color 1 Recipe Gingerbread Dough & Royal Icing


Prepare your recipes as per the instructions on those recipe posts The gingerbread dough can be prepared a week in advance and even baked and decorated! Just keep the cookies in a humid-free room that is cool & dry to keep fresh, they will stay fresh for several weeks this way! Bake the cake batter into 3-7″ cake pans & 1-4″ cake pan Assemble the cake as shown in the video tutorial Do not prepare the agar solution until the cake has been built and chilled with your “pond” excavated! LOL *see video Combine the agar, water, sugar & food color together in a small sauce pot and bring to a boil over high heat stirring constantly Once it boils allow it to cool to tepid, but not so it is starting to set, them pour a small amount into the “pond” section of your cake





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