Spring Vegetables Tagliatelle Pasta in Mustard Lemon Basil Sauce

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The Spring Vegetables Tagliatelle with mustard lemon and basil sauce is a refreshing summer pasta. The pasta sauce made with the addition of Dijon Mustard, lemon and olive oil combined with basil and black pepper, was simply outstanding. The tanginess and the spice from both the lemon and mustard with fresh green vegetables made it an instant hit to my palate.

I made another modification, so my children could palate it as well, I added some fresh cream and parmesan cheese and I have to mention they did not mind the mustard and lemon. I guess the addition of cream mellowed it a bit and they plated it really well. I also did not have tagliatelle, hence used a combination of fettuccine and spaghetti that made it just as perfect.

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