Vegetarian Chinese Sizzler With Noodles & Momos Recipe

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If you are a sizzler and Chinese food lover, then the Vegetarian Chinese Sizzler With Noodles & Momos Recipe is worth a shot. Being downright delectable this sizzler has some classic Chinese dishes such as – Hakka Noodles, Vegetarian Momos, Steamed Beans, Kimchi and Grilled Tofu marinated in choice of sauces crusted with sesame seeds. 

So, what is sizzler? The word “sizzler” comes from the sizzle that one hears when we place food over a cast iron hot plate, which is usually heated under a grill or you can even heat it on an open flame.

The hot plate is placed on a wooden plate as not to burn your finger and then variety of food which compliments each other is placed on the hot food.Sauce based gravies are poured on your choice of food which trickles onto the hot plate which makes a sizzling sound. The sound usually reaches you before the sizzler is even served at the table. 

If you want to serve Vegetarian Chinese Sizzler With Noodles & Momos Recipe at your next party or to your family over the weekend you could make a few elements like the kimchi, hakka noodles and steamed beans, beforehand and keep them ready. Assemble them all at the time of serving and create a fun experience of dining at home.

Serve Vegetarian Chinese Sizzler With Noodles & Momos Recipe along with Chinese Darsaan Recipe With Ice Cream for an amazing weekend meal.

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