Everything Bagel Garlic Cheese Breadsticks

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Learn how to make amazing vegan cheese breadsticks completely from scratch using homemade vegan pizza dough, vegan mozzarella sauce and sprinkle them with Everything Bagel seasoning and fresh garlic for the ultimate party snack. Gluten-free option included.

We’re entering peak entertaining season and if you have some dinner parties to host during the next weeks here’s a party snack that you will love! These garlic cheese sticks will seriously blow your mind! Super garlicky and the everything bagel seasoning makes them so addictive!

And the best part: they come together in a cinch once you have the pizza dough ready. As a base for these cheese sticks, you can use my gluten free pizza dough or my regular pizza dough or my yeast free pizza dough  depending on your dietary preferences. Make these sticks however you like!

why you’ll love these vegan cheese breadsticks!

Because  garlic bread +cheesy sticks!
because everything bagel seasoning makes everything better
they come together quickly with my no news pizza dough
freezer friendly.
You can make it into a pizza by adding thinly sliced veggies and mushroom or veggie meat of choice

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