Jaisalmer Kala Chana Kadhi Recipe – Rajasthani Chickpea Curry

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Jaisalmer Kala Chana Kadhi Recipe, is a recipe that has been originated from a city called “Jaisalmer” in Rajasthan. The kadhi is generally a yogurt based curry cooked along with besan, red chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala and turmeric.

Boiled and pound black chana is added into the kadhi. Tempered cumin seeds, green chilli with ghee is then poured on top of the kadhi and served hot.Black Chickpeas are rich in protein and fiber and is a good option to add it into your everyday diet.

Serve the Jaisalmeri Kala Chana Kadhi Recipe along hot steamed rice and Instant Raw Mango Pickle for a wholesome weeknight dinner

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