Maharashtrian Kolambi Che Lonche Recipe (Prawns In Pickle Masala)

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Maharashtrian Kolambi Che Lonche Recipe is a very spicy side dish recipe that is made with pickle masala. Mum used to send us a hot lunch every day of the school week. Saturday mornings were spent looking forward to the fish that would invariably arrive in our tiffin due to fish market on every Saturday. Unlike other days when we hurriedly finished our lunch and set off playing, lunch was an unhurried affair, drooling for the seafood that mom would pack for me. Each bite was savored and even sharing among friends was far fetched when there was fish or seafood.

This recipe of pickled prawn completely brings me back those memories. With loads of pickle masala, oil and lemon juice in jumbo prawns, this recipe is lip-smackingly good. Serve Maharashtrian Kolambi Che Lonche Recipe as a side dish with Steamed rice and Hirve Kaalvan Recipe (Fresh Coriander and Coconut Curry).

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