Almond Joy Cookies Gluten-free Vegan

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Vegan Almond Joy Cookies – these are perfect for the holidays! 1 Bowl Crisp almond flour and coconut cookies with hidden chocolate in the middle, topped with almond slivers! Warm and decadent. Gluten-free grainfree 

What are you gonna fill your cookie platter with this year? Some favorite cookies like my Almond Flour Ginger Molasses , Baklava cookies! And my Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies I make every year. This holiday season I am adding a another new favorite to the list! Almond Joy Cookies. These cookies are scrumptious and perfect for the holidays.

Just like my Vegan Snickers Cookies, these are the perfect cookies for lovers of candy bars and also make for an amazing gift from the kitchen.

The cookie dough has almond flour and shredded coconut for a nutty toasted coconut  flavor. A large piece of chocolate bar is folded into each cookie dough disc, so when you break the baked cookie, there’s gooey chocolate throughout the middle! Top the cookie with almond slivers or more chocolate.

why you’ll love these cookies

They need just 1 bowl and everyday ingredients
No need to whip butter and sugar and. No need for big appliances
They also happen to the gluten and grainfree
they are decadent, crisp and delicious with a toasty coconut flavor
theres a large piece of chocolate in the middle of each cookie!

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