Stuffed Mooli Paneer Paratha Recipe

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A delicious paratha recipe,  Stuffed Mooli Paneer Paratha, has a stuffing of radish and cottage cheese seasoned with salt and cumin powder. The addition of ginger-garlic-green chilli in the filling gives the paratha a lovely flavour. 

Did you know: Radish is a low calorie vegetable, rich in fibre is known to be very good for the liver and stomach and it acts as a powerful detoxifier too. Radishes have long been known to have a low glycemic index, which means that eating it does not impact blood sugar levels. It also helps regulate the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. Research suggests that the since radish has low glycemic index, it helps stabilize blood glucose levels and provides slow release energy in turn making it Diabetic friendly.

Serve this Stuffed Mooli Paneer Paratha along with Lehsuni Pudina Chutney Recipe or Instant Gor Kairi Lonche Recipe or Carrot Tadka Raita Recipe and Adrak Chai Recipe – Indian Style Ginger Tea for a simple weekday breakfast. 

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