Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

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This simple Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix makes for an excellent food gift. Thanks to ground cashews and coconut milk powder, it makes a super creamy hot chocolate without the need to add non-dairy milk.  No lumps! Nut-free option included.

This vegan hot chocolate mix is the perfect DIY gift for the holidays! It comes together within minutes and makes a delicious nutty rich and creamy hot chocolate.

This mix doesn’t need any milk added! Just water is enough to make it creamy. For extra creamy hot chocolate, however, you can totally use nondairy milk like oat milk, coconut milk or soy milk instead of water.

There are many hot chocolate mixes out there but this recipe is truly special. The combination of ground up cashews, coconut milk powder and flour makes for an especially creamy, thick hot chocolate – just how we like it.

If you cannot find coconut milk powder, just skip it and prepare the hot chocolate with non-dairy milk.

Why you’ll love this hot chocolate

it doesn’t clump up! No sifting coo oat powder needed. Just mix and bring to a good boil
it doesn’t need added non dairy milk so it can be gifted to anyone who doesn’t have non dairy milk on hand!
it’s chocolatey and lightly coconutty which adds a caramel like flavor
it’s easy and great for gifting!

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