Miso Lemon Pepper Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Lovers of big bold flavors will be all over these Miso Lemon Pepper Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Miso paste adds a delicious nutty and unexpectedly savory note to these sweet chocolate chunk cookies while lemon and pepper add some freshness and a hint of heat. Gluten-free & Grain-free, soy-free option added.

Ringing in the cozy time of year with a new exciting spin on a cookie classic. Miso Lemon Pepper Chocolate Chunk Cookies! A cookie of contrasts; salty and sweet, zesty and with a hint of spice right at the end.

Miso and chocolate is a fantastic flavor combination and if you have not tried baking with miso paste before, you HAVE to give it a shot, starting with these delicious cookies.

The miso paste adds depth of flavor and umami, an almost savory quality, and some saltiness to these delicious chocolate chunk cookies. Trust me, they are unlike any other chocolate chunk cookie you have baked before

This recipe uses my favorite almond flour cookies as a base. A tried and tested recipe that I’ve been remaking into several variations, the chocolate thumbprints, molasses cookies, blueberry muffin cookies, snickers cookies, baklava cookies and more.

For these chocolate cookies, we add huge chocolate chunks to the dough for that extra burst of flavor and we also add some other bold flavor profiles such as miso, lemon zest, and black pepper.

As I said, these cookies are for lovers of big bold flavors. You can omit any of these more unusual add-ins depending on your flavor preference and keep the cookies with just the big chocolate chunks!

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