Olya Kaju Chi Amti Recipe – Malvani Cashew Nut Curry

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Olya Kaju Chi Amti Recipe is a simple dish packed with flavours. A recipe from the Malvani cuisine, a combination of toor dal and masoor dal are cooked together, and given a tadka of freshly ground masala and not to forget the star of the dish the cashew nuts. 

Although the authentic recipe, calls for the fresh cashew fruit, before it turns into a nut, the cashew nuts can be boiled and  used as well. 

The reason these cashews are used in the region’s cooking is that it is freshly grown in that region, making it a popular ingredient in the kitchens lying in the malvani belt. 

Serve Olya Kaju Chi Amti along with Steamed RiceMalvani Kurkuri Bhindi Recipe – Moongphali Bhindi Sabzi, a bowl of fresh dahi for a delicious and comforting lunch or weeknight dinner.

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