Vegan Jalapeño Skillet Mac and Cheese

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This Vegan Jalapeno Skillet Mac and Cheese is made in just 1 Skillet! No need for multiple pans! A 30 minute simple vegan spin on a family dinner favorite that is perfectly cheesy with a kick of heat from the added jalapenos. Options for gluten-free soyfree nutfree

Jalapeno Skillet Mac and Cheese in all its cheesy, salty and spicy glory! This is the ultimate vegan comfort food for a cold night and with this recipe, it comes together quicker and easier than one that needs to make the sauce and boil pasta separately!

We make this dish in one skillet on the stovetop. Stovetop Pasta dishes like my Vegan Pesto Skillet Lasagna and my French Onion Skillet Lasagna are among my favorite dishes to make when life gets busy and I crave a comforting meal.

I love the spicy kick of the jalapenos to counterbalance the rich cheese sauce. However, if kids are eating with you, remove the seeds, or add less jalapenos or just to one side of the dish.

We want to bring on the flavor right from the beginning, starting with cooking the pasta in seasoned broth instead of plain water. If your pasta absorbs all the water while cooking, you might want to add a splash more of broth to bring the sauce together.

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Why you will love this skillet Mac

It needs just 1 skillet
its easily made without gluten soy nuts
It’s quick comfort food
it takes just 25 mins

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