Masoor Dal Gassi Recipe – Lentils in Tangy Coconut Curry

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The Masoor Dal Gassi Recipe is a spicy, tangy gravy made with whole masoor dal with the skins on, is a typical Mangalorean specialty. Gassi is a staple curry in the Mangalore and Malnad areas of Karnataka that is essentially made of fresh spices ground down with coconut to form the base of the gravy. 

Did You Know: Masoor dal contains high levels of proteins, including the essential amino acids isoleucine and lysine. Apart from a high level of proteins, masoor dal also contains dietary fibre, potassium and iron, Folate, vitamin B1, and minerals, all with virtually no fat.

Serve the Masoor Dal Gassi along with Steamed Rice topped with ghee,Kadalai Manoli and Dhangar Pachadi.

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