Vegan Thai Skillet Noodles (Drunken Noodles)

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Easy 1 Pot Thai Skillet Noodles stir fry! These inspired drunken noodles come together in 30 minutes and don’t need noodles cooked separately. Everything cooks in 1 pot!

Thai cuisine has always fascinated me. The bold flavors, the use of different textures and colors, one pot meals, and above all the fact that most dishes come together super quickly.

My Vegan Thai Basil Fried Rice and my Thai pumpkin Curry  recipe are some of my favorite recipes ever and I make them all the time. These easy skillet noodles are inspired from Pad kee mao (drunken noodles). They come together quickly and hit the right spots!

You know me, I am a huge fan of cooking pasta in a skillet! Have you tried some of my skillet lasagnas? Life-changing!

Preparing pasta in a skillet along with the sauce ingredients drastically shortens the total cooking time.

The exact cooking times will vary based on the noodles and brands, so keep an eye on them. If you are unsure, make them separately and add  precooked noodles, then add to the veggies and sauces. See recipe notes for that method.

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