Bhapa Ilish Recipe (Steamed Hilsa)

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For the Bengalis’ fish is an integral part of their lives. A simple fish curry with a side of rice and you are sorted for the day. It is not only an essential food in a Bong household but also considered auspicious at any occasion. Out of all the varieties of fish, Ilish always wins the hearts of the Bongs!

The steaks of hilsa are first coated with the mustard paste, seasoned with salt and turmeric, drizzled with pure mustard oil and steamed in a covered pot. The hilsa fish gets cooked fast so the cooking time is not that much. If you are using a pressure cooker, it gets done even faster. Traditionally the Ilish was first coated in the mustard paste and wrapped up in a banana leaf and then steamed along with the rice in a haari or handi. Now days it is steamed in a kadai or a saucepan covered with a lid. 

When you are serving Ilish you do not need too many items in the menu, since Ilish is the star of the day. Bhapa Ilish or steamed hilsa is served with plain white steamed rice.

Serve Bhapa Ilish along with Steamed rice for a weekday meal.

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