5X Less Sugar Buttercream Recipe! Stable, No Grit, No Shortening

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A unique spin on Ermine Buttercream uses fresh apples as the base!

Apple Buttercream is a great way to reduce a major amount of sugar that is in traditional buttercream recipes!

Fresh apples impart a natural sweetness while adding pectin for a boost in stability!

And it doesn’t taste like apples!

Perfectly paired with my chocolate cake recipe that I also converted to low sugar and low oil

This cake has me falling in love!

Click here for more information about sugar free baking


Notes for Success:

I am using Granny Smith apples, as these are my favorite apples for all things baking, but feel free to use any apple you like the best!

Adding flavor to any buttercream recipe can prove to be difficult, especially an ermine style buttercream like this one.

I would recommend to add any liquid flavorings to the custard portion of the recipe rather than to thee buttercream as we normally do.

Powder or paste flavorings are always butter no matter what recipe you are using click here for more about Flavoring your Buttercream Recipes

Cornstarch is a very difficult ingredient to measure consistently with a volume/spoons measure

So while I list both measures below I cannot stress enough how the grams measure with a scale is going to give you the best results.

Changing the sugars in this recipe is very forgiving since the majority of it is in the custard recipe which can accommodate any type of sugar/liquid/granular or diabetic substitutes.

The confectioners sugar that I added is optional, but I did find it helped the stability of a recipe such as this one by absorbing some of the wetness creating a stronger emulsion

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Apple Buttercream
Prep time
1 hour
Bake time
20 mins
Total time
1 hour 20 mins
Serves: 6 cups

Fresh Apples 3 large (300g) Water 4 Tablespoons (60ml) Sugar of your choice 1 cup (200g) Cornstarch 10 Tablespoons (80g) Plant Milk 2½ cups (600ml) Vanilla Extract 2 teaspoons (10ml) Salt ½ teaspoon Vegan Butter 6 sticks (672g) Confectioners sugar 1 cup (120g) *see notes


Soften the vegan butter at room temperature so it is still firm, but pliable Prepare the apples by peeling and coring them (*see video I like to use the apple skins in one long ribbon while cooking) Add chopped apples & that ribbon of apple skin to a medium sauce pot with the water and sugar of your choice Cook the apples over medium to high heat with the lid on for about 10 minutes to rapidly boiling, Take off the lid and reduce the heat to a simmer until the apples are translucent & mushy. Remove from heat and remove the ribbon of apples skin(s) Transfer the apples to a blender with about ½ cup of the plant milk and the cornstarch and puree smooth Transfer the apple puree to the same sauce pot that you cooked the apples & add the remaining plant milk. Return to the stove over medium to high heat whisking constantly until it comes to a boil. Add the vanilla extract and then strain through a mesh strainer onto a sheet pan (no parchment paper or grease!) Refrigerate the custard until it is completely cold & set Meanwhile whip the vegan butter & salt with an electric mixer with the whip attachment until it is aerated & light and fluffy and starting to look whiter in color (about 5 minutes) scraping the bottom & sides of the bowl often Add the sifted confectioners sugar and whip for another minute or two until smooth scraping the bottom & sides of the bowl often Add the cold custard to the vegan butter while continuing to whip on high speed until all the custard is incorporated, scraping the bottom & sides of the bowl often Continue whipping until the buttercream is smooth & silky

Apple buttercream is best used as soon as you make it, since Ermine style buttercreams tend not to re-whip nicely.
If you have leftovers, you can refrigerate the icing for up to 2 weeks and then bring to room temperature before re-whipping with a balloon whip attachment on a high speed mixer, this should help re-emulsify the buttercream to a smooth consistency

Here is a list of all the special tools and equipment I used to make this recipe and cake
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