Vegan Butter Chicken Ramen

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Butter Chikin ramen uses flavorful Indian butter sauce in place of regular ramen broth. You cook the noodles in the sauce itself, making this a one-pot meal! Add whatever veggies you like. For the protein, I use tofu, but you can also use vegan chicken substitutes or soy curls.


I love finding creative ways to use vegan butter chicken sauce! Butter ramen is my latest recipe using butter sauce in fusion recipes. If you are obsessed with the Indian butter sauce like me, also check out my vegan butter chicken lasagna bake!

This fusion ramen with Indian flavors will hit all the spots for a comforting curry and brothy ramen!

In this one-pan recipe, you crisp up the tofu with spices in the same pan where you cook the noodles and sauce. The whole thing comes together in about half an hour, making this a cozy, flavorful weeknight dinner.

Why You’ll Love Butter Ramen

one-pot, 30-minute meal

creamy, butter chicken-inspired broth

Nutfree, Soyfree option

packed with flavor

Versatile, add more or less veggies to preference

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