Gochujang Lentils

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1 Pan Gochujang lentils stir fry with veggies, served over noodles or rice with pickled cucumber, is a super quick weekday meal. Lentils are the protein for this one-pan vegan dinner, so no tofu or meat substitute needed.


You make this super easy and super delicious gochujang-based sauce that gets added to the lentils and then thickened with bell pepper and onion.

I also make some quick pickled cucumber, because they just go so well with these lentils and freshen up the whole bowl. You can also add other veggies, like thinly-sliced carrot and onion, to the pickling mixture. 

Why You’ll Love Gochujang Lentils

amazing spicy-sweet flavor

packed with healthy fiber

zesty pickled cucumber slices

a versatile meal – serve over your choice of rice or noodles!

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