Snickers Cake

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A decadent moist Snickers cake inspired by the candy bar. A vanilla cake with peanut butter swirl, topped with date caramel, peanuts and melted chocolate. What’s not to love!


Snickers in cake form! This cake is decadent, moist, nutty and chocolatey and Ahmazing! I use a plain vanilla cake as a base, so that all of these Snickers-inspired flavors can stand out, and then swirl in peanut butter, peanuts, and chocolate chips in the batter. I also top the cake with date caramel and more melted chocolate along with crunchy peanuts.

It makes a fabulous cake that is super moist and super delicious. All the flavors just come together so well. 

You can swirl the date caramel into the batter as well or use it just as a topping. It’s a pretty flexible recipe! 

Why You’ll Love Snickers Cake

Candy bar flavors in cake form.

Gluten-free, peanut-free, and date-free options.

Moist, addictive cake base.

Chocolate- and peanut-packed!

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