One-Pot Podi Rice (South Indian Chili Garlic Peanut Rice)

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Podi rice made with a dry chili garlic peanut chutney, is a super flavorful Indian fried rice. One-pot gluten-free meal, nutfree option. It’s packed with garlic, dry chilies, and curry leaves and packs a flavor punch!

This super flavorful Podi Rice is the Indian fried rice you need in your repertoire! The chili garlic curry leaf (podi) chutney(think dryish curry paste), tossed with veggies, tofu and rice, elevates the entire dish to flavor town! The chutney is often used in South Indian cuisine to serve as a side with idli (that’s steamed rice and lentil cakes) or other sides. You will want to double, triple or quadruple this recipe and keep some dry chutney on hand to serve with other South Indian or Maharashtrian dishes.

Usually the podi ingredients anre dry toasted or lightly cooked before blending to make the chutney. We don’t need to are cook the podi chutney ingredients, because we are going to cook the mix when we make the rice. If you want to keep the podi chutney for longer, you want to saute the garlic a little bit in oil and roast the peanuts, then make the chutney and store. 


Why You’ll Love Podi Rice

Easy to make, one pot meal

Packed with flavor

Gluten-free with soy-free and nut-free options

Addictive podi chutney that’s delicious in all kinds of dishes!

I use a mix of rice and quinoa here. You can use all rice, all quinoa or brown rice or other cooked grains as well.

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