Baklava Overnight Oats

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Baklava overnight oats are super easy and super delicious made with simple, everyday ingredients. You’ll top them with a nut mixture which will remind you of baklava filling. It just has an amazing flavor and texture! Gluten-free


I have 3 words that will change your breakfast game forever! Baklava Overnight Oats. A decadent, zesty, refreshing and satisfying breakfast to get your day started with a smile! You will want to make lots of these overnight oats to keep ready for breakfasts throughout the week. 

This recipe is very versatile. You can use other nuts of choice. You can also use seeds instead. You can roast up the nuts, if you like, or use raw versions. It’s flexible to whatever you have on hand.

Change up the flavors for variation, use cardamom or orange zest for flavor.

Why You’ll Love Baklava Overnight Oats

amazing nut mixture to remind you of baklava flavors and textures in a healthy breakfast form

Zesty nutty topping over creamy oats.

delicious, easy, make-ahead vegan breakfast

naturally gluten-free

soy-free option

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