Tomato Basil Risotto Recipe With Grilled Chicken

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Tomato Basil Risotto Recipe With Grilled Chicken, is a complete meal, with a delicious risotto flavoured with tomato and basil and a dash of garlic adds great flavour to the risotto served with a desi masaledar grilled chicken to go with it.  

Although ideally, the traditional method of cooking risottos, is in a pan, this one is made quick in the pressure cooker, without the addition of wine, bring together all the flavours in there. 

The grilled chicken on the other hand, is marinated in Indian spices like red chilli powder, cumin powder, garam masala, yogurt and lemon juice that takes it spicy and tangy. 

The meal all in all is great to be served on a holiday to your family, who will enjoy the Italian risotto with the Indian grilled chicken. 

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