Gochujang Tofu Sandwich

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A hearty Banh Mi style spicy sweet Gochujang sandwich! A perfect summer lunch! It has an amazing flavor from the gochujang baked tofu, sweet mango, cilantro and zesty pickled cucumber carrots jalapeño.

This is a banh mi-style summer sandwich with a delicious gochujang marinade. I love this marinade for tofu, and the sandwich is topped with lots of fresh, crunchy vegetables that are marinated in the same gochujang marinade with some extra vinegar for tang.


It makes a fabulously fresh summer sandwich! You can also make it into a wrap or a salad bowl.

Because we use a modified version of the tofu marinade to quick pickle the veggies, this sandwich comes together in a flash with fewer dishes! but is still packed with flavor. I like to serve any remaining marinade on the side for dipping the sandwich! Trust me you will want to lick all of that. It’s a quick lunch that your family will make again and again.

Why You’ll Love this Sandwich

Easy to make

Super flavorful with a gochujang marinade

Hearty and satisfying banh mi style sandwich

Two words: pickled veggies!

summery fresh crunchy sandwich

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