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Choosing the Best Buttercream Recipe

Choosing the best buttercream recipe for your cake projects can be a daunting task Here you can check out each individual recipe including video tutorials to see the processes for each and decide

Jumbo Fluffy Cinnamon Buns Recipe

Every weekend~ without fail~ Sold Out in my bakery! Jumbo Fluffy Bakery Style Cinnamon Buns Recipe! Yeast doughs are never quick but they are easy So with a few hours on a slow weekend you can make

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate cinnamon rolls to make your weekends delicious! Fluffy cinnamon bun dough slathered with chocolate cinnamon throughout every inch Yeast doughs can be time consuming projects since we have

Almond Rocher Custard Tarts

The same Almond Rocher Custard Tarts that I sold in my bakery! Although the video tutorial may convince you otherwise, these elegant tarts are easier to make than you think! Individual tarts with  a

Vegan Ferrero Rocher Mousse Cake

I thought I was bidding forever adieu to my favorite chocolate ever The Ferrero Rocher ~ whole roasted hazelnut encased with a creamy chocolate center, wafer shell and more chocolate coating. Not

Swiss Vanilla Cloud Roll

Why would I try to recreate something that is already perfect? I’m totally fine with recognizing that sometimes the best vegan recipes are not even mine! Sara Kidd has perfected the Vegan Swiss Roll

The Best Vegan Brownie Recipe

Looking for the best vegan brownie recipe? Well your search stops here! I have several recipes here on my website for vegan brownies But today I have settled on the one perfect recipe that fits every