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Snickers Cake

A decadent moist Snickers cake inspired by the candy bar. A vanilla cake with peanut butter swirl, topped with date caramel, peanuts and melted chocolate. What’s not to love! Snickers in cake form!

Gochujang Lentils

1 Pan Gochujang lentils stir fry with veggies, served over noodles or rice with pickled cucumber, is a super quick weekday meal. Lentils are the protein for this one-pan vegan dinner, so no tofu or

Harissa Pasta 1 Skillet

This Creamy Harissa pasta is a super quick, one-skillet meal. Harissa paste, nondairy cream, and just a few herbs combine to make a flavorful vegan dinner in just 1 Pan. Soyfree. Options for nutfree

Peanut Sesame Roasted Potatoes

Addictive peanut sesame potatoes are crispy-crunchy on the outside coated with Indian spices, ginger, garlic, peanuts and sesame. Loads of flavor and easy to make. Glutenfree Soyfree recipe. Nutfree

Vegan Butter Chicken Ramen

Butter Chikin ramen uses flavorful Indian butter sauce in place of regular ramen broth. You cook the noodles in the sauce itself, making this a one-pot meal! Add whatever veggies you like. For the

Smoky Potato Soup

This is umami-filled and smokier, spicier version of a vegan potato soup. It’s hearty and cozy with a satisfying, smoky bacony tofu bits topping. Gluten-free Nutfree. Options for soyfree included

Vegan Brookie (Pan Cookie)

This vegan brookie recipe combines rich brownie and decadent chocolate chip cookie in a single baking pan to make one epic Pan cookie! Gluten-free grain free almond flour pan cookie. Instead of

Peanut Gochujang Ramen

Spicy peanut butter ramen is an absolute comfort food recipe with a delicious, creamy broth, gochujang flavors, lots of ginger and garlic, topped with Gochujang tofu. It’s a 30-minute, One-pan meal!

Savory Veggie Baked Oats Vegan

Veggie- and flavor-packed, savory baked oats are a perfect, healthy, make-ahead breakfast! The whole dish comes together in one pan and one bake. Most everyone in my family prefers savory breakfast